Peter & Lisa are a team; they've been married for 32 years and live on a ranch near Cresbard, SD where they raise red angus/Simmental cross cattle. They have two sons.  Matt and his wife, Marissa, live in Bismarck, ND.  Matt owns Alpha Chiropractic and Marissa is a nurse.  Dalton and his wife, Erika, live in West Fargo.  Dalton is a numbers guy and works for Microsoft while Erika works for Clay County.

Peter keeps busy every day with the cattle and farming while Lisa is an accountant at Nutrien Ag Solutions in Northville.  Their "night job" all started for them back in 2001 when Lisa asked Peter to entertain and fill some time during a local snow queen festival.  Reluctantly, Peter agreed to sing three songs.  Local friends and neighbors were quite shocked to say the least.  They thought Peter was a cattle feeder; they had no idea he could sing.  And as they say... the rest is history.

In the early days, Peter strictly used CDs and an ipod.  Today, Lisa plays all the accompaniment music, background vocals & any songs Peter doesn't sing off a computer and is continually down loading music to ensure everyone's requests are met.  Peter's all time favorite artist is George Strait but he sings a wide variety of country and old time rock & roll and has the knack for sounding like the guy on the radio.  There are some evenings, when it's late that you may even hear some Def Leppard and Billy Idol being sung by a cowboy in a hat.  Peter has a very accommodating nature and tries to ensure everyone is having a great time.  With Peter at the mic the evening will be filled with great listening and dancing music and memories will be made.